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Achieving your financial goals requires the right tools, and the right support, At Zurich, we have a wide variety of investment-linked funds for you to choose from, each is unique in its investment objective and asset allocation. Our funds are structured to meet the diverse risk profiles of our policyholders from conservatives to those who have high tolerance for risk.

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Important Notice: Closure of Zurich Billion Cap Fund

Please be informed that the Zurich Billion Cap Fund will be closed with effect from 13 November 2019; with the liquidation of the Fund's portfolio of assets to be conducted between
13 August 2019 and 13 November 2019.

During this period, the performance of the Fund may not be compliant with its investment objective and policy. In order to facilitate the closure of the Fund, no additional investment or switiching to Zurich Billion Cap Fund will be allowed after 13 August 2019. Policyholders who are impacted by the closure of this fund will be notified in writing.

For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact your Wealth Planner. Alternatively, you may also contact our Call Center at 1-300-888-622, email us at callcentre@zurich.com.my, or visit the nearest Zurich Life Insurance branch.

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